The Knowledge Futures Group builds technology for the production, curation, and preservation of knowledge in service of the public good.


The battle over the control of knowledge is a defining struggle of our time. We imagine a future where the infrastructure to create, access, curate, and build upon knowledge is controlled by researchers, journalists, libraries, publishers, museums, and other organizations that serve the public's interest. The KFG is building this future through our programs by developing core infrastructure, advocating through writing and events, and providing opportunities for research and sustainable development.

Knowledge Ecosystems
We examine how knowledge ecosystems exist today, develop playbooks for how to improve them, and facilitate new knowledge life cycles accelerated through multi-institution collaboration.
Focus Areas:
Education, Economics, Justice, Inclusion
Community Publishing
We build infrastructure that enables community-driven publishing and more thorough, trustworthy, and inclusive models for publishing platforms and tools.
Focus Areas:
Scholarship, Publishing Models, Trust
Universal Data
We support the ongoing research and development of tools for discovery, provenance, and interoperability of data, building a future where data is shared in service of the public good and universal access to knowledge.
Focus Areas:
Health, Disinformation, Democracy
Measuring Knowledge
We craft new knowledge analytics that match the growth, learning, and empowerment afforded by modern knowledge systems to redefine impact and success.
Focus Areas:
Impact, Analytics, Incentives


PubPub is an open authoring and publishing platform. It socializes the process of knowledge creation by integrating conversation, annotation, and versioning into short and long-form digital publication.
Primary Partner: The MIT Press
Visit: PubPub
The Underlay is a free and open source system for structuring, storing, and aggregating open, distributed knowledge.
Visit: Underlay
The Commonplace
The Commonplace is a publication of the Knowledge Futures Group. It serves as a conversation and idea hub for mission-aligned individuals and organizations working to make knowledge open for the public good.
Visit: The Commonplace
KFG Convening
The KFG convening is our annual gathering of mission-aligned groups and individuals. The convening provides a space to share project updates, work through sustainability models, foster further collaboration, and align the KFG's strategy for the year to come.
Visit: KFG Convening

Partners and Funders

The Knowledge Futures Group, founded as a partnership between the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab, is a nonprofit organization powered by academic, industry, and advocacy groups. Together we build and support products to make knowledge open and accessible to all.

MIT Press
MacArthur Foundation
Protocol Labs
Reid Hoffman
Sloan Foundation
Siegel Family Foundation