Our Work

Knowledge Futures Group is structured around the belief that technology is not sufficient for the complex, post-normal challenges of our time. Our approach to these problems is a bottom-up community-led development process that encompasses convening and publication. Each activity strengthens the other, providing a more holistic, equitable, considered approach to sustainable technology development.

We live in a time when knowledge and our ability to understand the world around us are increasingly being locked down, siloed, and restricted. We understand our role to help unlock knowledge, to connect it, to make it more accessible. Fundamentally, we believe that you can’t do that effectively — and don’t have the power to drive change — if you are unable to control the infrastructure you rely on. As such, our work focuses on empowering communities to take control of the end-to-end knowledge production processes their work exists within. Doing so is a technical, social, and cultural action — and our work reflects that.

A platform that empowers communities to control their end-to-end publication workflow.
Connecting the world’s knowledge with a protocol for describing and sharing strongly typed data.
A publication spotlighting voices and ideas leading the conversation behind making public knowledge a public good.
A community-endorsed protocol for representing publication processes in a machine-readable, discoverable, and extensible format.