Universal Data

Data about the world, compiled by and received from others, is an anchor for many analyses, beliefs, and understandings of ourselves and the world around us. Carefully compiled and placed in context, this is a powerful way to extend our knowledge beyond personal experience. It is also easy to lie with data; it is only as useful as its context. We explore ways to contextualize, share, and connect data to other sources. We must also broaden our understanding of the biases in current models for data gathering, compilation, and the assignment of trust. Universal access to data requires services and interfaces for sense-making and visualization that let people determine what sources to trust in a given context. Through this program, we explore the spaces between current data ecosystems, implement more equitable approaches to data sharing, and build tools, interfaces, and protocols for connecting the world’s knowledge. To start, we ask, how can we make data more publicly accessible and access universal? We build the tools needed to get those answers.