Measuring Knowledge

We find growing urgency for more representative knowledge analytics in scholarly publishing. It is difficult to separate current metric models from the exclusionary business practices they have been created within. We find that to be funamentally ill-suited for the demands of reasearch. To meet this demand we must critically assess how we measure impact and make visible the incentive structures that dictate the analytics we track and value. By considering existing publishing structures while imagining new ones, we can grapple with the reality that what we measure can impact what’s studied and valued. The data points we measure should serve as guideposts for future research and inform next steps. Through this program, we explore what and how data should be collected in order to improve the work of researchers, the support offered by publishers, and the understanding of readers. To start, we ask, what information would help researchers build upon work already completed to inform further progress and understanding? We work with partners to understand those metrics and build tools to collect them.